We are proud of our versatility at Spectrum. This means having the ability to go above and beyond the scope of cleaning. Our handyman services are a great example of how we can provide a more turnkey service for your office building or hotel. We can assist in assembling new office furniture as well as breaking down and removing old furniture. We can help you relocate office desks, mount bulletin boards as well as offer painting services to spruce up your office environment.

Our goal at Spectrum is to provide you with the most thorough cleaning service with minimal disruption. The ability to provide handyman services allows us to take care of issues that may prevent us from achieving our ultimate goal, which is leaving you with a spotless office. It also means less involvement for you. Contracting a second company will drag the project out, cost more money, and require more of your attention. Finally, we are proud to uphold the same standards and quality assurance with our handyman service that we do for all of our cleaning services.